The Halfhill Report

Halfhill Report Episode 73 - The Finest Inn in Azeroth

June 29, 2019

Featured Stories - Gragtharr Remembered, Amon Reports from Nazjatar, Eliandor - Visiting Food and Lodging Critic and a new Chronicles of Gadgett and Caddfael

Sponsors: Nesingwary Safari, Halfhill Market, Crogg's Fine Female Leathers and Stormstout Brewery

Recorded live at The Lazy Turnip Inn in the village of Halfhill, the Valley of the Four Winds in beautiful Pandaria!

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Show Credits and Acknowledgements

Opening Music and bumpers: China Town by Audiobbinger Productions

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 World of Warcraft Silvermoon music  -

Nazjatar Music and Ambience in Dwarven Disptaches

World of Warcraft Goblin Music used in The Chronicles of Gadgett and Caddfael

Pandaren Inn Music - Mists Of Pandaria

Logo Art by Toshmifune based on photo by from Pexels

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