Episode 137 - Cassunda

A very special interview with Cassunda.    Professor Taliep and I  extend our sincerest thanks to Bayneeon for his wonderful portrayal of Cassunda on ...View Details

Featured Stories - Extinction Event, Rizhak's Deal Pays Off and Velmic, Demesis and Tilly visit Unu'pe Sponsors: Keenbean Kaffa, Kaja-Cola, Halfhill ...View Details

Featured Stories - Keenbean Kaffa turns up the heat, Breaking Sports News from Zhan and Velmic and Demesis visit Crystalsong Forest Sponsors: Moonber...View Details

Episode 134 - Kungaloosh

Featured Stories - Tosh records from a new location, Trouble in Hillsbrad Foothills and Amon has Surprise Guests in Sholazar Basin Sponsors: Nesingwa...View Details

Featured Stories - Rizhak May be in Trouble, Zhan Visits Mushan's Training Camp, and Velmic, Tao Lin and Alice Enjoy the Midsummer Fire Festival Spon...View Details

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