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Halfhill Report - WAR

Featured Stories - A War Report from Amon and The Inn-Side Story with Velmic Sponsors: The Tillers, Nesingwary Safari and Stormstot Brewery. Recorded ...View Details

Featured Stories - Mysterious Events In Azeroth and a Review of The Hero's Welcome Sponsors: The Crane Wing Order at the Temple of the Red Crane and S...View Details

Featured Stories - A New Mascot and an Inn Review from Velmic Sponsors: Nesingwary Safari, The Inn at Paw-Don Village and Stormstout Brewery. Recorded...View Details

Featured Stories - The return of the Draenei Velmic and a Dwarven Dispatch From Amon Sponsors: Nesingwary Safari, Herbalism Trainer Han Flowerbloom an...View Details